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Chickens are very important to the Delmarva peninsula and the Mid-Atlantic region. Poultry farmers help Delmarva by increasing the number of jobs, creating tax dollars to make our communities better and improving the way we all live.

Chickens are some of the most important members of our community. The farmers who raise them continue to help Delmarva's economic growth. Through poultry production, these farmers support other local businesses, like soybean farmers who supply meal for chicken feed and construction workers who build chicken houses.

Plus, more chicken and crop farms provide a picture-perfect car ride to enjoy on the way to your favorite destinations - like the beach! While you are there, pick up some safe, nutritious and delicious chicken for dinner!

Delmarva's soybean and poultry farmers remind you that American chicken is a wholesome, versatile and economical dinner for your family and invite you to barbeque, stew, grill, fry or pot-pie some chicken tonight!

Please explore our site and find out more! You can discover your "inner chicken" by answering a few simple questions ... and find out fun farm facts that will help you win a chicken hat when your family visits their favorite ballparks, the Delaware State Fair, or the Delmarva Chicken Festival this summer!

Do you know the REAL cost of food?

People are noticing that the cost of food is increasing.

Yet, on average, the farmer only makes about 19 cents out of every consumer dollar

spent on food. Where does the rest go? What can 50 cents buy you today?

The Delaware Soybean Board, Delmarva Poultry Industry,

Delaware Department of Agriculture, Delaware Pork Producers Association

and Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit have the answer! Click here to find out!

The Bottom Line!

Want a quick view of the important contributions that livestock and poultry provide to our economies?

Click here to view a booklet (PDF) of state-by-state data!

What is the hottest FASHION CRAZE to hit Delmarva?

The Chicken Hat!

Win one at the Wilmington Blue Rocks, Delmarva Shorebirds, or Frederick Keys games! Study this site for chicken trivia and see what you can win!

The Frederick Keys and Wilmington Blue Rocks have another great look for the "Boys of Summer" to wear ... the Cow Hat! Go on out and see the guys play and try to win one of your own!

Above, fabulous fashionista Myrt Prahl models the fabulous Chicken Hat at the Delmarva Chicken Festival. To see more fabulous Chicken Hat Models, click here!